Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Raging Cold Knocks Me Down!

Went out of town over the weekend and didn't want to bring along my sweet sweater to finish. I'm at the point where I keep having to try it on to size it, and it's inconvenient to do when you have people all around you, ya know? It's better if I keep it as a late-night project. Besides, it's been bitter cold here the last week, and I've been bundled up in heavy sweatshirts and sweaters!

I did manage to work on some baby hats for the Caps to the Capital project. They work up very quickly, and I've finished a few already. I'd like to see how many I can do and use up some of my scrap yarn stash.

I've been developing a pretty good cold over the last couple of days, and yesterday I went home from work sick 1/2 day when it got to the "raging cold" stage. You know, where your nose just runs all down your face...... i know, eewww. I have a red, raw nose and my lips are on fire!

Today, not feeling any better, I'm home sick and it's my birthday. Can you believe it? My husband agrees that we'll celebrate another day. I haven't even felt like crocheting, so you know how sick I really am!

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  1. Happy Birthday, little girl.